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CrunchBall 3000

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3CrunchBall 3000 is fictional, aggressive and a futuristic online game which involves a combination of ball games. If you are an enthusiast of online gaming, then there is no point of doing anything else when you are dead bored. You just need to be in front of your computer an access sporting games which are ever captivating. The challenge is that not all of them are hilarious but lucky for you because CrunchBall 3000 is right here for you. This is one of those addictive game where you will never get tired sporting in a violent environment. Crunch Ball 3000 entails scrabbling violently with your opponent with the aim of making a goal. The game lasts for 90 seconds, although you can set a single play for a longer time interval. In CrunchBall 3000, there are two teams of 10 players each. Each team has a goal and a goalkeeper who prevents opponents from scoring.Your main goal is to make sure that your team scores by using the left mouse button to make a goal. Since you are 10 in your team there is no reason why the ball should not get into the other side’s goal when you can control it. The objective of the game is to score points by throwing or running the ball into your opponent’s team.You can perform a light tackle to knock over your opponent when he has the ball so as to release it. Players can select various formations such as a 4-3-2 formation according to their different roles. When playing against the computer, you use "WASD" keys to run your players around the field. "G", "H", and "J" keys are also used mutually to: "H" to pass the ball or change the defense, "G" to tackle or to throw the ball, "J" to cycle through the formations. "G" and "H" to tackle and get the ball back.

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